Knockout Muay Thai Training Centre  


Mr. Scott Judson

Growing up Scott was always naturally athletic spending all of his life devoted to baseball and playing for various teams across Vancouver Island. After graduation in 2001 he took his talent to the U.S. where he began pitching for his college team in Oklahoma. Eventually he moved on to an independent pro team where a serious elbow injury ended his career.

Wanting to stay active within a competitive sport, Mr. Scott turned to Muay Thai and began training at a small martial arts school in the Comox Valley, October of 2006. With a long history and a passion for coaching it wasn't long before he realized that teaching the diverse martial art was a future goal he wished to achieve. In 2007 Mr. Scott began working towards attaining this goal and signed himself up for an instructor college program taught under Grand Master Toddy of Thailand. Intense training and dedication earned him his official certification in 2008. Immediately he began to teach out of various schools around the Comox Valley but he often dreamt of owning his own gym one day.

Then in May of 2011 his dreams were made a reality when a business opportunity presented itself making it possible for him and his wife, Jennifer Judson, to open the doors to Knockout Martial Arts and Fitness. The two, including their 4 small children, train daily with hopes to travel to Thailand and compete in the country where the martial art originates from. While Mr. Scott has fought on numerous fight cards internationally he still wishes to take his strengths to the next level and train to compete for the world title belt.

Miss Shelley Strachan

Shelley Strachan signed up for Muay Thai in 2008 looking for fitness and sport. Little did she realize how becoming a martial artist would change her life in so many ways. The path has taken her through a fully credited instructor program, including 100 hours of apprenticeship to become the fantastic teacher that she is today. She currently runs the all women's classes, and instructs in the adults, youth, and kids classes as well.

Her enthusiasm for the sport and focus on technical excellence has led her to the ring numerous times in Canada and the USA. It takes the heart of a lion to have the courage to face the ring, and Shelley defines this beautifully.

Shelley enjoys learning as much as teaching. She loves to be challenged, and also to challenge those around her. She feels that it is important to get out of your comfort zone and to find out what you really can do; how far you really can go. She is an inspiration to those around her. She emphasizes respect, perseverance, honour, patience, courage, dedication, and motivation. She is a true martial artist and displays it in all aspects of her life.